Professor Jonas Bergh, will be leading our scientific advisory board

Stratipath is happy to announce that one of the most prominent breast oncologists, Professor Jonas Bergh, will be leading the company’s scientific advisory board. As Stratipath is entering the clinical phase with its first-in-class, CE-IVD solution for AI-driven risk profiling, Stratipath breast and at the same time ramping up the research and development efforts for future solutions, the scientific advisory board will play a crucial role in the company’s development.

” It’s exciting to start working together with one of the most prominent breast oncologists in Europe. Professor Bergh has long experience in translational cancer research and in clinical trials. He also has a unique background as member of several international expert groups such as EBCTCG and EMA. We are looking forward to discussing how AI-based precision diagnostics will support physicians and become an integral part of routine healthcare”, says Professor Johan Hartman, chief medical officer at Stratipath.

” As cancer care is evolving, the AI technology is an important technology to investigate and evaluate, associated with precision and high reproducibility”, says Jonas Bergh.

Jonas Bergh is a professor of Oncology at Karolinska Institutet (KI) and a senior consultant at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. He is Director of the Strategic Research Program in Cancer at KI, and is a Board member/Board of Directors of the Karolinska Comprehensive Cancer Center and Cancer Core Europe. Since 2018 he is theme prefect for the Theme Cancer, Karolinska University Hospital.  He was a member of the Nobel Assembly between 2017 and 2022, and for three years he was part of the Nobel Committee.

Professor Bergh was Chair of the Swedish Breast Cancer Group between 1995 and 2016. During this period he conducted clinical trials with new drugs and individually tailored dosing of chemotherapy. He also participated in the first randomised study showing that five years of tamoxifen treatment is better that the previously recommended two years. He has been involved in showing the additional value of other drugs, in particular chemotherapy, in breast cancer treatment.

Professor Bergh has an extensive scientific publication record of > 500 publications (h-index 88, 2/11 2022, Web of Science). He was appointed Distinguished Professor at KI in 2010. He is founding member of the European Academy of Cancer Sciences. In 2012 he was appointed “Fellow” (FRCP) by the Royal Society of Medicine (London, UK). He received the first ”ESMO Breast Cancer Award” in 2019. Professor Bergh was the acting Chair of the Scientific Advisory Group Oncology-Hematology at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) 2016-2021, where he was a member since 2004. He is a previous member of the Scientific Council IARC for WHO. Professor Bergh is co-chairman for a global network, Early Breast Cancer Trialists’ Collaborative Group, with over 600 clinical scientists. The group’s publications have a globally great impact on primary breast cancer treatment. Professor Bergh is a member of the consensus panels establishing treatment recommendations for primary and metastatic breast cancer. He is Visiting Professor of Oncology at Oxford University, previously also Visiting Professor of Breast Cancer Research, at Oxford University.