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Providing faster and cheaper solutions, AI-based precision diagnostics can provide precision oncology for all patients. This novel, data-driven approach to precision diagnostics is creating a paradigm shift in cancer care

Stratipath’s AI capabilities enable pharma and biotech companies to quickly identify patients who may benefit from specific therapies. This can help reduce costs and speed up the development process, as well as increase the success rate of clinical trials.

Image based phenotype panels.

Currently, wet-lab-based molecular phenotype panels are sometimes used for biomarker discovery in order to identify predictive/prognostic markers and subgroup analysis. To make this process more efficient and flexible, Stratipath is using AI and image analysis to develop our own standardised Stratipath panels. This is a novel image-based phenotype panel that can be used to discover biomarkers in the same way as wet-lab-based panels.


Ai-driven precision diagnostics can bring precision medicine to more patients.​

Stratipath’s vision is to enable all cancer patients to have access to the potentailly life-saving advances offered by precision medicine. Only a minority can currently do so, but stratipath’s data-drive ai-based solutions will provide low-cost precision oncology for all.a text about the need for precision medicine to save lives in cancer care. But that is often reserved for a few. To bring this to more people we need to democratize precision diagnostics.gnostics can bring precision medicine to more patients.

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