Professor Jonas Bergh, will be leading our scientific advisory board

Stratipath is happy to announce that one of the most prominent breast oncologists, Professor Jonas Bergh, will be leading the company’s scientific advisory board. As Stratipath is entering the clinical phase with its first-in-class, CE-IVD solution for AI-driven risk profiling, Stratipath breast and at the same time ramping up the research and development efforts for future solutions, the scientific advisory board will play a crucial role in the company’s development.

The Swedish deep-tech company Stratipath announces its integration with Sectra, one of the most expanding PACS systems for digital pathology

Stratipath, a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI)-based precision diagnostic solutions, today announced that it has released its integration with international medical imaging IT company Sectra and their digital pathology solution. This means that Sectra users can use Stratipath’s solution Stratipath Breast within an already existing digital pathology workflow. The application is featured in Sectra Amplifier Marketplace and purchased directly from Stratipath.

Government grant to provide more accurate breast cancer diagnosis

Vinnova grants SEK 20 million to the Swedish AI Precision Pathology (SwAIPP) consortia to develop and implement AI-based precision diagnostics in cancer care. The consortia consist of Stratipath, Karolinska Institutet, the pathology clinics in the Kalmar, Västmanland and Skåne regions, Microsoft, Roche Diagnostics, Philips, Bröstcancerförbundet, Prevas and Helseplan.

Annals of Oncology

A published high-impact scientific article from Karolinska Institutet shows that AI-supported image analysis can stratify intermediate-grade breast cancers into low or high grade. This has strong prognostic value and potential to revolutionize breast pathology.

Study shows large variation in biomarkers and grade among Swedish pathology labs calls for AI-supported image analysis

Abstract: We compared estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR), human epidermal growth-factor receptor 2 (HER2), Ki67, and grade scores among the pathology departments in Sweden. We investigated how ER and HER2 positivity rates affect the distribution of endocrine and HER2-targeted treatments among oncology departments. All breast cancer patients diagnosed between 2013 and 2018 in Sweden […]