Improve cancer treatment

decisions & outcomes

Precision Pathology – Artificial Intelligence

AI-based pathology to improve cancer treatment decisions and outcomes

Our mission is to radically enhance diagnostic precision to improve cancer treatment decisions and outcomes, through novel and cost-effective diagnostic solutions.

We leverage Artificial Intelligence and large population representative datasets to discover, develop and deliver clinically validated AI-based software, optimised on clinical information and patient outcomes, that go beyond current routine pathology.

We improve clinical precision and reduce errors in healthcare and provide an accelerated path for pharma to identify patients who benefit from specific therapies.

The right treatment for every patient

Improved patient outcomes through reduction in undertreatment.

Improving quality of life and rehab time through reduction in overtreatment

Sustainable healthcare

Reduced costs through less overtreatment, faster rehab and improved outcome

Minimizing time-consuming and expensive molecular assays

Equal care

Affordable, quantitative and reproducible results with reduced risk of errors – no matter where you live or your social status

What sets us apart

We origin from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and have a unique expertise in cancer diagnostics and artificial intelligence. We leverage artificial intelligence to “see” and extract more clinically relevant information than human eyes can detect in histopathology images.

Large population representative data

Unique and large image datasets for model development

Detailed clinical information

Population representative cohorts

Deep learning

State of the art deep learning models

Automated  pre-processing and QC  protocols

Robustness and generalisability

Rigorous validation & medical evidence

Standardized optimization, validation and testing

Performance estimates established in fully independent data

Product development and validation in close collaboration with clinical stakeholders 

Partner with us

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Fredrik Wetterhall

Fredrik Wetterhall

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

25 years of experience as entrepreneur, CEO, COO and management consultant in medtech, e-health, life science, healthcare and EdTech. Passionate and focused on healthcare and impact. Experience from Lexplore/Optolexia, Mindmore, Leira Therapeutics, Facesso, Getinge, Siemens etc. Studies at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Johan Hartman

Johan Hartman

Chief Medical Officer & Co-founder

Medical Doctor with specialisation in clinical pathology. Associate Professor and research group leader at the Karolinska Institute with a focus on precision medicine and diagnostics. Chairman of the Swedish Society of Pathology expert group for breast pathology. Responsible for the pathology section of the Swedish national treatment guidelines for breast cancer.

Mattias Rantalainen

Mattias Rantalainen

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

Associate Professor and research group leader for the Predictive Medicine research group at the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Karolinska Institute. His research is focused on development and application of statistical machine learning methodologies for predictive modelling in biomedical applications, with a particular focus on cancer precision medicine .

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