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We are a team on a mission

Stratipath brings together clinicians, researchers, AI scientists, developers and industry specialists with a common mission that every patient shall receive the right treatment at the right time.

The right treatment for every patient

Stratipath aims to enable precision medicine by providing novel prognostic and predictive information. By reducing the number of patients assigned to intermediate-risk groups in diagnostic pathology, Stratipath provides support for clinicians in their therapeutic decision making.

We also offer pharma and biotech companies an accelerated path to patient stratification by identifying biomarker strategies and subgroups of patients that may benefit from specific therapies.

Sustainable healthcare

By providing fast, accessible, and cost-effective precision diagnostics, we aim to minimise over- and undertreatment, and reduce healthcare costs, benefiting all of society.

Equal care

Stratipath develops effective and cost-efficient decision support tools to allow faster and more reproducible results with reduced risk of diagnostic errors. This contributes to more equal care for all patients.

Bringing cutting-edge AI research to healthcare and life sciences

Stratipath is a spin-out from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, bringing pioneering research in AI and precision medicine into clinical use. The company was founded in 2019 by Johan Hartman, M.D., PhD, Mattias Rantalainen, PhD and Fredrik Wetterhall with a mission to radically improve cancer treatment decisions and patient outcomes.

Artificial intelligence

Stratipath’s novel solutions are driven by a rigorous scientific development process based on state-of-the-art machine and deep learning methods. We use real-world datasets comprising of histopathology images, clinical labels and patient outcomes, with all models validated using fully independent data to ensure model generalisability, automated pre-processing and quality control measures.

Unique data

Stratipath has unique, multi-source, large and growing population-representative cohorts with histopathology images and associated clinical outcome data, allowing the capture of natural variability across all cancer patients.

Clinical evidence

Our product development is performed in close collaboration with clinical stakeholders and undergoes rigorous internal and external validation.


Jonas Bergh

Leading Advisor, MD, PhD, Professor Karolinska Institutet

Johan Hartman

CMO & co-founder, MD, PhD, Professor Karolinska Institutet


Johnson Ho

Solution architect & AI-engineer, PhD 


Annica Jämtén Ericsson

Sandy Kang Lövgren

AI-engineer, MSc


Ashish Kumar

Data engineer consultant


Kajsa Ledesma Eriksson



Lars Lengquist

Head of communication & design


Jennie Ousbäck

Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance Manager


Mattias Rantalainen

CTO & co-founder, PhD, Associate professor Karolinska Institutet


Stephanie Robertson

Medical Affairs, MD, PhD


Binbin SU

AI-scientist, PhD



Yinxi Wang

AI-scientist, PhD researcher



Philippe Weitz

AI-Scientist, PhD researcher



Fredrik Wetterhall

CEO & co-founder



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